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Health Comes From Within

You never want to consider your website as complete, new images or blogs need to be uploaded and text changed or something of some sort to keep your website current if you want to get up in the ranks in a reasonable time frame or else your looking at a few years to establish a decent online presence.


Soothing, Healing, Relief

Typically the previous paragraph is good to give a brief explanation on what you offer. This paragraph is best to introduce your company and mention your service area. From there a call to action button going to your "about us page".


So at the end of the day Google will like you more for a well written and informational piece that keeps people reading on a page they visit for more than 7 seconds. Anything less is considered a bounce and lowers your ranks. Your websites design is the biggest aspect of its SEO rankings. Some common things people use that actually  make their site suck is:

  • doing these dot things
  • at the beginning
  • of a paragraph or in place of one
  • and not under the h3 tag (third header of the page)

The typical 3 columns

Putting this at the top of their sites as the navigational tool with the wrong header tag and one maybe complete sentence.

Stock Images

Stock images should be avoided as much as possible, duplicating content from another site (even pictures) lowers your ranks because google does not want to show its users the same thing every 3 sites.

Another Header About More Stuff

The sad part is that most people are gonna skip most of the content that should be worked on oh so hard to write. However someone really cares about proper content structure and writing, our good friend Google. Proper sentences, full paragraphs, consistent information per page, back links (see how i sneaked a link to google in that) and so on. Google crawlers index the most informational sites higher than the flashy sites that have no order but just look good.

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