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A wand is just a wand, but your wand is your wand. In an industry where your tool's reliability and performance are the key to success never settle for less. A high price tag doesn't always mean high quality results, and is that sweet little feature worth the ridiculous up-charge compared to its neighbor on the wall? Stop paying for big name brands who all do the same thing as each other, and get a DangPro Wand in your hands today. Durable materials and your custom needs are made here in the USA, and only a click away from van.

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Here is where we try to expand on explaining how to navigate your site. Is very important to stick to one topic on each page. Your home page is important because you still want to direct the traffic to the proper pages, but have it written to where going to the next paragraph is related to the previous, the real SEO juice.

Another Header Sweet

Typically the previous paragraph is good to give a brief explanation on what you offer. This paragraph is best to introduce your company and mention your service area. From there a call to action button going to your "about us page".

Another Header About More Stuff

The sad part is that most people are gonna skip most of the content that should be worked on oh so hard to write. However someone really cares about proper content structure and writing, our good friend Google. Proper sentences, full paragraphs, consistent information per page, back links (see how i sneaked a link to google in that) and so on. Google crawlers index the most informational sites higher than the flashy sites that have no order but just look good.

Photo of a silver and black carpet cleaning wand against a white bacckground.
Finally The Last Header On This Page

So at the end of the day Google will like you more for a well written and informational piece that keeps people reading on a page they visit for more than 7 seconds. Anything less is considered a bounce and lowers your ranks. Your websites design is the biggest aspect of its SEO rankings. Some common things people use that actually  make their site suck is:

  • doing these dot things
  • at the beginning
  • of a paragraph or in place of one
  • and not under the h3 tag (third header of the page)
marking lay0ut

The typical 3 columns


Stock Images

marketing solutions provider

Considering a Website Complete

Putting this at the top of their sites as the navigational tool with the wrong header tag and one maybe complete sentence.

Stock images should be avoided as much as possible, duplicating content from another site (even pictures) lowers your ranks because google does not want to show its users the same thing every 3 sites.

You never want to consider your website as complete, new images or blogs need to be uploaded and text changed or something of some sort to keep your website current if you want to get up in the ranks in a reasonable time frame or else your looking at a few years to establish a decent online presence.

Thats Not Even Scratching the Surface

Seo and your web design go hand in hand, and without html knowledge you cant properly implement any SEO to compete with any site that is relevant to you yet has well written content. The colors, the module, the widgets, the cosmetic design is easy for a site people are just either ripping you off or stupid. SEO web designing is a whole different tier of godliness to achieve, we could have a site online and a couple pages built and looking good in a instant. From there work on the proper structure and writing for the overall site layout without taking the site down to do so. Everything you just saw on this page was done for SEO purposes instead of web design, and look what it produced SEO is your websites design and content is king.

Fancy Stuff

While this is just a simple demo page, we can do lots of custom features to your site. Your site will also come with SERP feeds for things like your google reviews or facebook reviews to be displayed in sliders like this one. Scrolling backgrounds, video headers, the works we can easily implement on your site.

Real SEO

We hand type (lol) original content for each site we build. No copy and paste templates from site building plug ins. No widgets placed in areas just because "they look good" or messy back end code to slow down your sites rendering time. Your SEO company probably sucks just like your rank on Google right now.

Online Presence Managment

From your social media accounts to your DNS settings on GoDaddy, you can rest easy knowing we are sparing some our energy with it. From our lookout we see all and can make sure your site stays online and if something doesn't we get on the phone with whoever and do your bidding for you. One service, one monthly fee, one powerful web presence people will sense from miles away.

Content Writing to Marketing Material Design

While most marketing or ad campaigns are now done online, physical branded materials are still just as important. Mailers, postcards, business cards, vehicle wraps, whatever it may be your subscription will come with our design services for your company brand. We will even upload and order your design from companies like Vista Print. All you do is pay their costs; don't pay for a new logo just to add a word or update a phone number ever again! Check out some of our logo's we've made below.